Discussion Module 6

Details of the Program You are Designing

You are to design a program to prepare a group of 20 incarcerated men OR women to be released back into society. It cannot be a program for both men and women—select one or the other. You will design and present your program as a power point presentation (PPP). 

These inmates have been incarcerated for between 10 and 15 years and are to be released on parole; that is, if they are not successful in their release, they will be returning to prison. Keep in mind that they were model prisoners, participated in the prison work programs and completed all rehabilitation and skills programs that they were allowed to complete. Think about what society was like for them before they were incarcerated and what might have changed. Think about how fast technology has changed. How are you going to prepare them during the last six months of their incarceration? You can determine how long the training program will last; from 2 weeks to 6 months. This is one time where you will submit your power point presentation as an attachment in the Discussion area. 

I want you to come up with an innovative plan of action. However, your goal is to “sell” your plan to your classmates. Your classmates serve as the committee who is funding the program and will release $500,000 to each of the best 3 presentations. (Disclaimer: You will not actually receive the funds, this is an exercise for this class only.) Keep the presentation simple as you address these points.

Guidelines for the Power Point Presentation

a.    Put the title of the program and names of those who worked on the power point presentation on the first slide. Don’t forget the names!
b.    List the goals of your program. Remember, use action words. Here’s an APA document to writing goals or objectives: Writing Behavioral Learning Objectives and AssessmentsLinks to an external site..
c.    Specifically list what you would put into your training and preparation program.
d.    Explain how you would carry out the training.
e.    Present a one-page budget of how the $500,000 funds will be allocated. For example, would you need a manager to oversee the program, would you hire outside specialists, would you purchase educational material, or how would you spend the money. 
f.    Keep the power point within 6-10 slides. Do not go over 10 slides. Be concise.

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