1.  Watch the following video:https://youtu.be/GJ6RxRP_yPc?si=FKcQqY4UGWy20igJ  When did the Ottomans gain control of Anatolia (the historic homeland of the Armenians)?

Describe the “millet system” of the Ottoman Empire.

What is a “designated infidel?” 

Who did the Ottomans ally themselves with as German and Russia went to war? 

Where were the Armenians told they would be taken during the deportations? 

 List three American leaders who protested the Armenian Genocide.

What organization was established in the U.S. to aid the Armenians? How much money did they raise? 

Why does the Turkish government deny the Armenian Genocide today? 

2.Choose one of the three topics below for your assignment, reference rubric 

Actionsbefore beginning. Minimum word count 750 words, all sources must be cited (in text and citation page), minimum of 5 sources, 3 must be primary sources. MLA format. 

Topic 1

Describe in detail two Cold War crises and two Cold war policies from 1945 to 1956 that are covered in the book. What missteps did the Soviet Union make during this time?

Topic 2

Examine the outbreak and course of the great revolutions of 1848 and their impact on Europe and the world.  Why did revolution break out across the continent in 1848? Evaluate and analyze the following: Were these truly ‘European’ upheavals, sustained by trans-national networks and communications, or parallel tumults generated by the same continent-wide socio-economic pressures? Who were the revolutionaries of 1848 and what did they want to achieve?  Why did the traditional regimes cave in so fast to their demands? 

Topic 3

Evaluate and analyze how did the New Deal bring America out of the Depression? 

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