Week 4 Health Psychology

Paper: Stress and Social Support, and Medical Miracles (Due Sunday, Week 4)

Context: Human beings are social creatures. We are parts of families and communities. Barlow´s early studies on monkeys demonstrated that primates prefer a clothed wire mother. There is now a strong body of literature suggesting that social support is key to mental and physical health. A social support network is made up of family members, friends, colleagues, and other peers. Critical to help you through the stress of tough times, whether you’ve had a uniquely bad day or a year filled with loss or chronic illness, social support is an essential component to healthy coping. A social support network is something you can develop when you’re not under stress, providing the comfort of knowing that your friends will be there for you if you need them. Some of the most important functions of social support are a sense of belonging, increased sense of self-worth, and feelings of security.

You will also be reading about medical miracles.  Take time to do research on a case of a medical miracle.  Summarize the case in 2 pages and then examine the role of social support and/or faith in this case. In one more page summarize how these factors (social and/or faith) impacted the case.  APA style. 

Delivery: Submit your email with infographic to the Dropbox. 

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