Week One Signature Assignment Presentation – Details

Signature Assignment Presentation (PLO 2) – Due in Week 3

Each student will investigate one specific health behavior that will be chosen from the list below. The purpose of the presentation is as follows:

1) to describe behavioral and non-behavioral variables contributing to morbidity and mortality;

2) discuss methods that have used a health behavior theory or model to change a health behavior. In-text citations and references are to be cited using the APA 6th Edition. Each slide should have narration. The presentation should contain at least one of the following: graph; chart; graphic; photo; brief content with no spelling mistakes on each slide.

Students will work individually to present a PowerPoint presentation with at least 10 slides and 7-10 minutes in length that cites evidence from credible sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journals, government reports, textbook) to:

  • define the health behaviorexplain the public health significance of the health behavior (e.g., prevalence, population, morbidity, mortality)
  • identify at least one behavioral variable (e.g., risk factor) contributing to morbidity and/or mortality associated with the health behavior
  • identify at least one non-behavioral variable (e.g., health consequence) contributing to morbidity and/or mortality associated with the health behavior
  • describe at least one intervention that used a health behavior theory or model and was effective in modifying the health behavior

Presentation Topics Based on Health Behaviors Identified in Health People 2020
Note: It is the responsibility of each student to focus on the health behavior (e.g., smoking, binge drinking, insufficient sleep, condom use) aspect of any Healthy People 2020 objective that can be addressed to prevent morbidity (i.e., disease) and mortality (i.e., death). Health behaviors can be associated with protection (e.g., meeting physical activity guidelines) or risk (e.g., smoking cigarettes which can lead to lung disease). 

  • Sleep
  • Immunizations
  • Substance Abuse
  • Family Planning
  • Tobacco Use
  • Physical Activity
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