DO NOT APPLY FOR AN INTERNSHIP! You will NOT receive credit for your cover letter if you apply for an internship. TYPE A CUSTOMIZED, PERSUASIVE COVER LETTER to accompany your resume [aim letter at a FULL-TIME JOB for which you would be qualified AFTER graduation; Format the letter in Full Block style.Contact information
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Career/Educational Summary
I am a professional pilot with a 19-year experience in the field and a 500 hours of total flight
time. I devote wholeheartedly all my time and energy to ensuring the safety of my passengers
and giving them a pleasant flight. I have a thorough understanding of today’s aircraft systems,
cockpit technology, and safe flying procedures. I have great critical thinking skills, and
decision-making skills.
Key skills
Excellent Decision-making
Keen situational awareness
Great team-working skills
Superb communication skills
Confident and self-disciplined
Leadership skills
Mission planning
Prioritize Safety
Education credentials
Exact Degree Title: Aerospace-Professional Pilot, B.S. –
Exact Major(s): Professional pilot
Exact Minor(s): Air Traffic Control
Date of Graduation: December 18, 2023
Cumulative GPA: 4/4
Major GPA: 4/4
Achievements: 500 flying hours. Private pilots at the age of 18.
Leadership/Activities: Professional Development Program. Experiential Learning.
Most Relevant Coursework: Aircraft systems and operation. Professional Pilot
Certifications: Commercial pilot certificate with multi-engine, instrument rated.
Work experience

May 2021- November 2023
Carried out flight operations in a safe manner in compliance with school policies
and FAA regulations.
Thoroughly done the required inspections in compliance with the safety practice

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