DescriptionAn investigation of fashion and beauty influencers’ impact on
Gen Z consumer’s purchase intention on Red: The role of
emotional attachment
This too should be more focussed than the Literature Review in your Research Proposal and
should include a broader range of academic literature followed by a clear link to the gaps in
the literature that your critical review has exposed and your set of research questions
Always best to provide a structured lit. review with sub-section headings that reflect the
separate areas of the body of literature you have read…..and embed/insert each research
question at the end of the relevant sub-section
This should contain numerous, recent and relevant academic references in support of
your discussion. Very important to DEFINE the concepts your are studying, eg “brand
extension”, “celebrity endorsement”…..etc
If focusing on GenZ and/or millennials then you probably need a separate sub-section
in your literature review for this age group (do not forget to provide a clear age range
with 18 the absolute minimum).
Always best to embed your research questions so they follow the relevant part of your
literature review and demonstrate a clear link between lit. review and RQ.
Always try to have at least two references each time you provide a reference, which will
add to your list of references and enhance the academic credibility, eg many studies
have looked at celebrity endorsement (ref 1; ref 2; ref3).
Try to be critical too, finding strengths and weaknesses in the literature you have read
and not just explaining what has been read.
Conclude with a section on “gaps in the literature”…..this should highlight the need for your
Suggest just one major research question followed by 3-5 research sub-questions where the
research sub-questions attempt to detail precisely what your research findings might reveal ?,
RQ1: To what extent do social media influencers influence GenZ fashion consumers more
than traditional celebrity influencers ?
RQ1.1: Gen Z fashion consumers “trust” social media influencers more than traditional
RQ1.2: Gen Z fashion consumers find social media influencers more “entertaining” than
traditional celebrities ?
Research question and objectives
1. Q: What are the main factors of fashion and beauty influencers influence
Gen Z consumers’ emotional attachment on Red?
O: To explore the key elements of emotional attachment in influencer
marketing and the approach to attract and convince consumers.
2. To what extend does the emotional attachment towards influencers affects
Gen Z purchase intention in fashion and beauty?
O: Analysis and examine the relevance between consumer-influencer
emotional attachment and consumer purchase intention.
Useful references :

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