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My Research Project: Black Lives a Matter (BLM).Sociology 427
Midterm Exam (200 Points)
Introduction – 25 Points – What is your movement? (250–500 Words)
• What is your movement?
o Start your paper by giving me a brief explanation of the movement you’re
thinking of working on for your research project. When did it happen? Where did
it start? How big did it get? What were its goals? Include anything you think is
relevant (and, whatever else you’ve found out so far about the movement!).
Section 1 – 75 Points – Module (500–750 Words)

Which week’s reading are you talking about?

Each week has had a theme. What do you think the theme of the week is?
How does this module relate to the study of Social Movements?
o This question is not about readings in the module, but the ideas contained in the
module itself. For example, with Week 1: Why is it important to understand, say,
social order and social change if you want to understand social movements?
Section 2 – 100 Points – Reading (750–1000 Words)

Pick an article or chapter from the module you chose in §1, and state which.
What was the main theme of the reading you chose?
How did this reading contribute your understanding of social movements?
What is something interesting about this reading that we didn’t discuss?
Extra Credit – 5 Points – Lecture Feedback
• On its own page, provide me some lecture feedback. What has been helpful?
What has been distracting? What was easy to understand? What was difficult
to understand? How would you prefer this material was taught?
o Academia is a two-way street! Your feedback helps me to pivot in the right ways
to make sure that you get the best possible learning experience.

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