Transport Security

 Identify a topic that currently affects the United States and our Border Security:

1) locate academic articles, documents, etc. to help describe the topic 

2) describe/outline the article in detail  

3) share your thoughts on the topic, include an opinion, a revision to something, how it could affect our border security moving forward, etc. 

Example: a court ruling, a major policy change in the field of criminal law and evidence, a high profile case. 

This assignment will be a minimum of 3 pages of content and must be written in APA format (if you are not familiar with this format, research it prior to writing), which means you must have a title page, an abstract, 3 content page(s), and a reference page with at least three (3) reliable sources. You must write in 3rd person, do not use any contractions unless they are in a direct quote.  Also, you must cite your authors within the text (i.e., in-text citations).  If you paraphrase ANYTHING, you must give the author(s) credit.   

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