There are some acts that are considered to be criminal in nature based on the likelihood of creating a disturbance to the peace or creating a public nuisance. Other acts are believed to infringe on public morality. Some examples of such acts include, but are not limited to, solicitation, obscenity and prostitution. 

1) Do you agree that prostitution should be illegal? Why or why not? What are the arguments for and against the legalization of prostitution? 

2) Prostitution is legal in many other countries. Research the relevant law in one of these countries and include it in your response to support your position. 

3) How did conducting research and going through each step of legal analysis help you to reach this conclusion?  Analyze how you applied critical thinking and legal analytical skills to assist you in this regard.  What new research and/or analytical tool or method did you try for the first time this week?  What do you think you do well and what would you like to strengthen so that you continue to improve?   

4) Collaborate with each other as the week goes on to make all aspects of this Discussion as robust as possible

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