The Role Of Emotional Intellegence

Length: Mid-term paper (minimum 500 words, maximum 1000 words) – on TITLE: The role of emotional intelligence: Identifying how you see emotional intelligence.

USE your Emotional Journal entry results for three weeks (Weeks 2-5, choose 3 weeks of Emotions you experienced to write about specifically in your paper). Cite yourself (last name, 2023), and do not add an entry to the reference list.


in-depth using sources from the Annotated Reference Mid Term Assignment and at minimum your Emotional Intelligence Textbook. 

1. Identify which emotions impact you, when (can be situationally dependent), and overall EQ.
2. Specifically, identify when you use technology if an emotion affects you.
3. Identify how you used the EI tools (overall knowledge about emotional intelligence) to leverage your own development.
4. Identify four methods you have identified to improve your own emotional intelligence (hint journaling counts).
5. What pitfalls will you need to be aware of as you grow into your cybersecurity roles?  
6. How do you see the actions of others as they bypass security controls? Why?

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