Read Chapters II, III (focusing on cinematic terms) & Chapter IV
(stop at end of p.99) of Literature into Film (LiF)

Watch video clips of example camera movements and shots to
supplement Chapter II of Literature into Film (LiF)
Watch videos about the media coverage of the movie The Color
Purple and the author’s response to it
Watch the movie The Color Purple (1985)
Submit a 300-word min. Self- Reflection in which you address how your perspective of race,
race relations, and the artful expression of race has evolved due to this week’s study and
exposure. Note the key similarities or differences regarding both message and genre between the
original play and the movie version (if you believe the movie changes a character’s representation
or distorts or ignores Alice Walker’s themes, how does it specifically and for what possible
reason?); also, you must address Costanzo Cahir’s insights on film translation to help you
examine scenes and camera work, for example. I want a close comparison/contrast of the two
works. Provide specific references and citations to the material you’re discussing. Upload your
reflection as a single document, double-spaced.

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