Assignment 1

Successful companies try to maintain a positive relationship with the community in which they do business. In the textbook, How You Play the Game: Lessons for Life from the Billion-Dollar Business of Sports, Colangelo explains that representing your core values in the community wins loyalty to your brand and attracts new customers. Entrepreneurs should remember that part of a company’s stewardship includes socially responsible actions in the community.

In what ways do organizations gain trust and show they are socially responsible stewards? How might trust be lost and reputation damaged? Discuss examples of companies that are socially responsible and have earned the trust of the community. How would thinking like an entrepreneur, characterized by traits such as creativity and risk-taking, aid in this process? Conversely, discuss other companies that have lost the trust of communities and damaged their reputations through social irresponsibility. What will you do to ensure that your organization maintains a positive reputation in the community?

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