Over the past 7 weeks, you have been introduced to some of the cultures that make America a patchwork quilt of diversity, and while it is impossible to touch on every culture or time era in one course, I hope you have gained an appreciation and new interest in exploring the ways the human experience is celebrated and preserved for future generations.

For this discussion:

  • In your first paragraph
    • Share something new you have learned that made an impression on you OR
    • Describe your new knowledge and how it connected with you in a meaningful way.
    • In each case, detail your impressions or connections in a well-developed paragraph.
  • For your second paragraph, reflect on the Course Learning Objectives

1. Identify the concept of culture in terms of the human experience
2. Analyze artifacts to understand historical events
3. Interpret the role of Native Peoples in forming today’s culture
4. Differentiate the immigrant experience across time and cultures
5. Investigate the cultures found in urban neighborhoods
6.Differentiate family structures as they relate to culture
7.Create artifacts that reflect upon other cultures and their contributions 

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