DescriptionAssignment No. 1
(Satisfies the Literacy Tagging Requirement)
50 points
Research Paper: When individuals or groups of individuals believe that
society has failed to fulfill its social contract with them to ensure their
receipt of justice, equal protection under the law, due process, or life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they feel betrayed and
disenfranchised by society. Your task is to answer the question posed by
Trevor Noah in his YouTube video—that is, in your opinion, does one’s
sense of social disenfranchisement caused by society’s failure to fully
effect his or her social contract ever justify and warrant civil disobedience
that takes the form of violent demonstration, lawlessness, looting, or the
destruction of public or private property?
In answering this question, you must conduct research that permits you to
define the concepts of “society” and “social contract.” You should also
conduct research regarding civil disobedience and its pros and cons. As
part of your answer to the question, and in support of and conjunction with
your overall thesis, you should include discussions comparing and
contrasting examples of individuals and groups who believed, rightly or
wrongly, that their society had failed them in fully effecting their social
contract and thereby disenfranchised them. These can include, but need
not be limited to, Antifa and Black Lives Matters, which protest police
brutality and other racially motivated violence against people of color; the
U.S. civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X,
and others; the LGBT groups seeking sexual and gender equality; QAnon,
the MAGA supporters, the Proud Boys, or any of the other extremist
groups who, on January 6, 2021, seized the U.S. Capital asserting that a
cabal of Satan worshipers dominate national politics, the 2020
presidential election was stolen, or which have a white supremacist or
anti-white guilt agenda; and the groups that sought political and social
independence led by, for example, Mahatma Gandhi in seeking India’s
independence from British rule or the U.S.’s Founding Fathers during the
American Revolution.
Research Paper Requirements:
• The paper should be at least 5 pages long. The title page and
references page do not count in those 5 pages.
• The paper should include at least 5 academic sources found
through library resources and databases, of which 2 of them
must be peer-reviewed.
• All in-text citations and references should follow APA format.
• Please contact this class’s instructor for literacy tagging if you
have any other questions regarding the paper’s formatting (i.e.,
citations, qualifying research sources, etc.). Contact the course’s
primary professor for questions regarding the substance of your

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