Chptrs 3&4: Pick ONE to answer
           1.   How has the U.S. racial-ethnic composition been changing over time? What are the implications of these changes for understanding the family?
           2.   What are some of the explanations sociologists have given regarding the phenomenon of single black women? What has been the impact of each of these explanations?
           3.   How do immigrant families adapt to their new cultural environments over the course of generations?
           4.   Using functionalist theory, and conflict theory, explain the existence of the American social class system, and poverty, giving several examples associated with family life.
           5.   Discuss the reproduction of social class, using several examples to identify the structural and institutional processes that support it.
           6.   Outline the research findings and theoretical conclusions of Annette Lareau regarding social class and parenting.
           7.   Discuss the impact of social class on the life chances of children, including a discussion and examples of social capital and parenting practices.
8. How might the social psychological dynamics of racism, as discussed by at least two of the following theorists–Wilhelm Reich, Max Horkheimer, James Baldwin–offer a more insightful explanation for its continuance today, as opposed to the “culture of whiteness” theories of Ignatieff and D’Angelo? Pay special regard to how these theorists detail how racism might be carried forth down the generations of white families.
9. Discuss the theories of at least two of the following theorists–Dubois, Kardiner and Ovesey, and DeGruy–on how slavery and discrimination produce a “double consciousness”, and how it might be passed down the generations of people of color, and adversely affect the health of multiple generations.

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