DescriptionDiscussion Forums

Discussion forums are a way for you to engage with each other about the course
content. Questions will be asked in the forum. Given the time constraints with
this course, there are no lectures associated with this class. The course will rely
heavily on the discussions.
Please make sure that you answer all the discussion board questions and that you
periodically review your initial posting for potential questions posed by either me
or your classmates. You will receive a weekly grade based on your participation.
In order to earn full credit for each discussion, you will need to post a thoughtful,
well-written response to the question and respond to your classmates’ responses.
You are required to incorporate a minimum 3 intext citations in your initial post
and in your subsequent responses.

The discussion board replaces the face-to-face interactions and is meant to be a
dialogue and a learning activity for the entire class.

Responses should be at minimum a paragraph, which consists of 5 fully formed
sentences. You are required to incorporate a minimum of 3 intext citations in
your initial post and in your subsequent responses. A minimum total of 9 intext
citations is required for each discussion.

Responses that are not thoughtful and do not answer the question thoroughly will
not receive full credit.
The content of your postings must demonstrate an understanding of the relevant
text material and include citations (3-9 minimum) from either the course reading
or supplemental material.
Please be very cognizant of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as you will lose
points for errors. No cyber speak, please. Use correct grammar, English, and
Only respond to questions that are posted in the discussion forum.

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