Your local council wants to implement a Smart Parking solution in your suburb. The solution needs to Identify if parking spaces are occupied or available. Relay the data to a central cloud-based smart parking server, to create a real-time parking map. Drivers can use the application (online or on their phones) to find a parking space and pay. Parking officers can use their mobile phones to determine violations. Track parking space usage to help the council decide if it needs to build more parking. 
You have been hired by the council as a consultant to manage this project. Propose a solution that will address the challenges and requirements. You are required to create a technical document with a detailed explanation of the proposed solution with suitable justification and also present your proposal to the Council. Include the following points of discussion in your report/presentation.
2.1 What IoT devices would you use? 
2.2 Identify their specific function and operation? 
2.3 How could the devices be housed to protect them from the environment, vandals and other damage?
2.4 Describe how the IoT devices will communicate with the data storage facility. 
2.5 What apps/features will need to be available or developed? 
2.6 Describe the security required for this application to ensure reliable and private data transfer and storage.
2.7 Identify the key personnel involved in the decision process. 
2.8 In consultation with them perform a risk assessment to identify any current threats and vulnerabilities for IoT devices. 
2.9 What security framework or strategies would you use to secure the IoT devices and implement a security policy? 
2.10 How would you detect any possible security threats or vulnerabilities?
2.11 What mitigation strategies would you use to protect all assets? 
2.12 How will you monitor their effectiveness?
2.13 Describe any moral, legal or ethical issues that may arise from this application.
2.14 Breakdown of all the costs for the project. 
2.15 How will the system be rolled out?
2.16 How long will it take to deploy?
2.17 How many staff will be needed?
2.18 How will it be maintained? 
2.19 Who will maintain it? 
2.20How will the workers be trained and what training will they require?

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