Part One: Written Proposal & Research
The final project for SMAD203 is an opportunity to create an example of interactive design for your personal portfolio. As an independent project, it is up to you to determine priorities, establish parameters, and justify the purpose for an intended audience. Your work should be an original creation that is supported with user research (i.e. personas & scenarios), builds upon information architecture (i.e. site maps, wireframe, & prototypes), and is intended to be posted online for a public audience. 
What type of interactive experience do you want to create? Why is this project important? What is included in the scope of work for the project?
I want the final project to be utilized in Indesign with site maps, wireframe, & prototypes utilizing the color palettes I provided in the pdfEX9: Final Project Proposal
Project Name: RecipeShare
Overview Summary:
RecipeShare is an interactive website designed for foodies who want to find,
share, and learn about new recipes. The project’s objective is to offer a userfriendly and visually appealing interface where users can showcase their
favorite recipes, connect with others who share their interests, and participate
in a vibrant culinary community. User profiles, recipe categorization, an intuitive
search function, and social sharing capabilities are all planned for the platform.
Technical Requirements / Goals:
1. Development of a responsive website using modern web technologies
(HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress).
2. Integration of social media sharing functionalities to enable users to share
recipes on various platforms.
3. Design and implementation of an interactive search feature, allowing
users to find recipes based on keywords, ingredients, or dietary
4. Creation of visually appealing recipe templates with clear instructions
and attractive food imagery.
5. Incorporation of user authentication and profile creation functionality to
personalize the user experience.
Persona Name: Chloe , the Busy Working Professional
Age: 32
Occupation: Project Manager
Background: Sarah loves cooking but struggles to find time to try new recipes.
She wants a platform where she can quickly find easy and delicious recipes that
fit her busy lifestyle.
User Story: As Sarah, I want to discover quick and healthy recipes that I can
easily prepare after work without spending too much time in the kitchen.
Persona Name: Austin , the Amateur Chef
Age: 25
Occupation: Student
Background: David has a passion for cooking and enjoys experimenting with
new ingredients and flavors. He is looking for a platform where he can showcase
his culinary creations, connect with other food enthusiasts, and gain feedback
on his recipes.
User Story: As David, I want to share my unique recipes with others, connect
with like-minded individuals, and receive constructive feedback to improve my
culinary skills.
Scope of Work:
• Conduct user research to gain insights into the target audience’s needs,
preferences, and pain points.
• Develop an information architecture including site maps, wireframes, and
prototypes for the website.
• Design and implement an intuitive and visually appealing user interface.
• Implement search functionality, recipe categorization, and social sharing
• Incorporate user authentication and profile creation features.
• Test the website for usability and make necessary refinements.
I created RecipeShare with the intention of providing a platform that meets
the requirements of enthusiastic home cooks like David and busy
professionals like Sarah. This venture is significant as it supports culinary
investigation, encourages a feeling of local area, and advances the sharing
of information and encounters among food lovers

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