Put together a collection of resources related to science instruction that will help students stay engaged and focused on learning.  Specifically, the resource file should be a collection of activities, articles, ideas, images and any other documents that might be useful for science instruction based on the following topics:

• Science is observing, analyzing, and investigating to learn how the natural and physical world works.

• Inquiry-based instruction in science

• Technology tools and resources

• Assessment resources for science learning

• Your resource file must be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation and must contain at least 10 resources along with a brief description of each resource (Three to five sentences should be sufficient.)  The PowerPoint presentation must contain the following slides:

• A Title Slideo Course Number and Course Titleo Your Nameo Date of Assignment

• A slide for each of the topics listed above that contains the resources and a brief description of each resource. I must be able to click on the websites in the PowerPoint to see the necessary information relating to each of the websites. Websites must be placed in the PowerPoint.

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