write 6-page paper analyzing a conflict and/or social/cultural issue that Christians take different positions on. It can be anywhere in the world and any time in history or today. Write up what your research has shown on the causes of the conflict, the proliferation of it, and what steps are taken towards resolution and what the religious drivers/motivators/reasons for them are and how Christians are engaging this conflict (1,500+ words). Finish the paper with your own recommendation of how the differing parties can come together and/or how Christians can (better) work towards are positive transformation (500+ words).
Must show how christians have conflicting views on the same topic 
Important: You need to use a minimum of 5 academic sources outside of class material. Academic sources could be books, book chapters, academic journal articles. The following are not academic sources: news, blogs, podcasts, popular websites (, etc), YouTube, or any other non-peer reviewed sources. Class lectures also do not count as a source, but can be used for inspiration. All sources need to be properly cited— use whatever method you are most familiar with (MLA, APA, CMS, etc). 
topics you can choose from :
– Women in the Bible
– Women in church leadership
– Women’s right to vote

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