the person that I have chosen for this assignment is Stephanie Jean she has her Master is Heath She is located in Florida she is Haitian Native, she is the Director of operation of Max Health a healthcare company that has 70 offices located in southwest Florida, since I’m Haitian I wanted to interview someone that has similar back ground as me. 

Administrative Leader Interview and Report

(Possible 20 Points) / Related to Objectives 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
This assignment provides you the opportunity to interview a human service executive director or director-level administrator. Select a leader of an agency or organization providing human services, a leader with three or more years experience, and a leader willing to assist you with this assignment. You might ask a field instructor or faculty member in your program for suggestions on possible interviewees. Before beginning the paper, obtain approval from the instructor regarding the administrator you have chosen. Finding a willing administrator can take a long time, so aim to complete this selection process no later than Unit 3. 
Once approved, arrange a meeting, and approach the interview as a researcher learning about administration. Meeting in person is preferred (when possible), but phone or video conferencing (such as Zoom, Teams, or Skype) is an acceptable alternative. Listed below are suggested interview questions. You can add others. Obtain the interviewee’s permission and record the interview (either audio only or video) so you can refer to it and, if requested, submit to the instructor. Because these files may be quite large, your instructor will let you know how to use Google Drive or other storage setup if your file is requested.
Administrator Interview Questions

What’s your name? What is your educational background? How long have you been in the human services field? an administrator?
How were you recruited into your first administrative job? Did you need direct practice experience?  Why or why not?
What was your path to your current job? What was the transition from non-administrator to administrator like (if you had a non-administrative job)? What was difficult about the transition if anything?
What is your administrative and organizational theory (that is, your general approach) to administration? How does it guide your work?
Given the multitude of tasks you face, from internal organizational matters to being the outward face of your agency to the world at large, how do you prioritize among them? Which are the categories of tasks which are hardest for you? Has this changed since you first began your nonprofit leadership career? What have you learned along the way about handling the demand of the position?
One element that gets less coverage in the literature is why people continue in the executive jobs they have. Could you identify the aspects of your work that are important to you that keep you coming to the office every day?  Where do you feel joy in your work?
What would you like to accomplish professionally in the next 12 months? How do you keep growing in your work?
What is your organization’s largest challenge? How are you trying to overcome or ameliorate it? In what ways, will you involve external stakeholders to help the organization meet the challenge? What data are you using to understand and then measure improvements, if any?
What aspects of your organization have you tried to improve? Which have been successful? Which have not? What thoughts do you have about why some of your efforts have worked and some have not?
What are some of your best accomplishments in regard to issues of advancing social justice, diversity, and inclusion of marginalized or under-represented clients and staff?
What two recommendations could you give a new human service administration graduate getting started?

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