For this course project, you are tasked with collecting current events articles, magazine articles, and/or newspaper clippings that illustrate social psychological concepts. Any type of editorials, advertisements, and cartoons are also acceptable to use! Your final project should explain how the items you collected illustrate a theory or concept from the course.
Choose ten (10) of the following social psychological concepts from the course to include in your project:o Aggressive Behavior

o Attitudes and Attitude Change o Attribution Theory
o Bystander Effect
o Cognitive Dissonance
o Conformity
o Group Think
o Impact of Culture
o Obedience
o Persuasion
o Prejudice
o Prosocial Behavior
o Self-Concept
o Social Cognition
o Social Perception
Then, for each of the ten concepts, find a particular editorial/advertisement/drawing/etc. that illustrates the main points of the concept. Be sure to include the link/image in your work.
For each example, explain how the material you chose illustrates the relevant matching psychological concept. Define the concept and elaborate on the connections to your material using specific examples.

To support your ideas, incorporate a minimum of three (3) scholarly sources for the entire project. Put the project in a PowerPoint, etc.)

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