Assume that you are an executive at the company that produces industrial cleaning products. Given the specific purpose of your product and its application, it is highly caustic and can cause significant injury if not handled appropriately. In spite of clearly visible warnings and instructions on the product, and employee of a customer has mishandled the product and as a result, was severely injured and will likely sustain significant scarring for the rest of their life. The individual has retained a contingency attorney who has sued your company for a significant amount of money and as the executive in charge of this product, you are charged with handling the situation.How will you handle the situation? Remember that you are a business executive and therefore it is not expected of you to render a legal opinion or even a legal strategy. However, many of us are likely to encounter a situation similar to this in our career in it is important that we know what needs to be done by the executive in charge of the situation.Must be in-text cited and references

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