DescriptionDeterminants of Performance
Performance management systems typically include a measurement of how work is done and the
results of an individual’s efforts. When an employee does not have the knowledge or ability to
do the job, then reward and feedback alone will not positively change performance outcomes. If
the employee has the knowledge and ability, but is simply not motivated, then training and
ongoing feedback will also be ineffective. Prior to beginning this assignment review Chapter 4 of
the course text and article 8 Common Causes of Workplace Demotivation
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Case Scenario:
Lizzy and Noelle are sales associates in the cosmetics department of a large high-end retail store
in Bloomington, Minnesota. Four years ago, a new training program was implemented for all
new sales associates, which included detailed product information, customer service, upselling
strategies, and role-playing with tailored feedback. Lizzy and Noelle have been working at the
store for three and five years, respectively, and although Lizzy received this training and Noelle
did not, their sales figures have always been very similar and very average.
Noelle has a clear conceptual understanding of the company’s vision and is excellent with the
customers; she always has a positive attitude, is eager to attend to them, and has an intuitive
sense of the customers’ needs. Most of her customer reviews have been positive and spoke to her
pleasant disposition and contagious laughter. However, a few mentioned that she was constantly
running off to print descriptions of the products or to talk to other sales associates, and this
caused interruptions in the customers’ shopping experience. Although she gets along with nearly
all the employees, there have been a few complaints that her excessive socializing makes her late
for shifts and meetings.
Lizzy is more reserved than Noelle; she is less engaging with the customers and allows them to
shop without bombarding them with too much information. When she notices that they are
showing particular interest in a product she approaches and offers to answer any questions they
may have. Lizzy seems to know every detail of every product. All of the salespeople depend on
her to answer the toughest questions. Her communication style is very concise and matter of
fact—no more and no less. Most people find it hard to tell if she is annoyed by all the questions
people ask. Lizzy is punctual with everything, including leaving at precisely the time her shift
ends. This often leads her to hand over valuable sales to colleagues which they appreciate.
Based on the scenario:

Analyze the three determinants of performance (i.e., declarative knowledge, procedural
knowledge, and motivation) for both Noelle and Lizzy, using specific examples from the
Evaluate the causes of poor performance for both employees.
Recommend solutions to enhance Noelle and Lizzy’s performance.

Evaluate the responsibilities of the human resource department and those of the manager
related to employee performance as presented in the scenario.
The Determinants of Performance paper

must be drafted by following the writing center’s resource for writing a case study
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• must be three to four double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages)
and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the

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