Part 1

What is anthropomorphism. Give an example of anthropomorphism in the scientific study of actual animal behavior (not cartoon characters). Who is associated with anthropomorphism and which thinkers were known for disputing it and why did they dispute it?

What is methodological behaviorism and who was it associated with. What is radical behaviorism and who is it associated with? How specifically do they differ?


Part 2: Answer the following study guide questions (3-4 sentences)

What is anthropomorphism and which 19th century researcher is it usually associated with. Give an example of anthropomorphism.

What is Morgan=s canon? What did Jacques Loeb contribute to Watson=s understanding of how the world works.

In what way could J.B. Watson=s 1913 article be called a manifesto?

What step with respect to research with humans did John Watson take that his contemporary psychologists were unwilling to take.

What is radical behaviorism. Who could we place in this category. What is methodological behaviorism. Who could we place in this category. Which one is about about eliminativism.

What is a contingency. What are Skinner=s three contingencies of reinforcement.

What is a functional analysis of behavior.

In what way can Skinner said to be a Darwinian. In what way does the concept of operant behavior identify Skinner as someone who opposes the reflex oriented S-R model.

What is latent learning.

Compare and contrast Hull’s versus Skinner’s views on reinfrocement.

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