Law – Criminal Assignment 11

Please read chapter 11, then:

1. Summarize the Chapter Review (200+)

2. What is metacognition sometimes defined as?

3. Emotional intelligence has to do with what?

4. What does the emotional regulation refer to?

5. Please summarize Figure 11.1 (80+)

6. Summarize the two paragraphs under Deliberate Practice as a Tool for Working with Emotions (200+)

 The required book is Essential Interviewing and Counseling Skills:  An Integrated Approach to Practice, 2nd Edition, by Tracy Prout, Melanie J. Wadkins, and Tatianna Kufferath-Lin, Springer Publishing, 2022, ISBN 978-0-8261-9265-3, or for the E book 978-0-8261-9266-0.  

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