Unit 2 Discussion IT528

Research an example of where a real business or organization has used generalized linear modeling to predict a specific outcome. This may be on any topic or in any field or discipline that is interesting to you. In your initial response, provide for the class a summary of each of the five steps of risk management planning, as they relate to your chosen example. Ensure that you clearly delineate sections for Identification, Understanding, Data Preparation, Data Modeling and Application. Your summaries for how the organization in the example you have chosen must be substantive and meaningful.

  • Describe how the organization identified the risk(s) they have addressed through GLM;
  • Discuss what the organization did to understand the risk(s);
  • Outline, to the extent possible, how the organization gathered and prepared their data;
  • Explain how the organization used GLM to build a model on their data; and then;
  • Review how the organization applied their model to respond to the risk(s)


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