Computer Science ISSC266 Week 5 Assignment


1. The hash value of a message is a one-way “unique value” that can be extracted from the message using algorithms like MD5 and SHA-x. In this paper, you are going to use a hash calculator (the best way to find one is to google hash calculator). Cut and paste the message below into a hash calculator and compute the MD5 or SHA-1 hashed value. Once you have the hashed value, store it in a text file (notepad). Now, search for an AES encryption tool on the Internet (google: AES encryption tool). Paste the hashed value into the AES tool (note that you will need to create a secret password/key to use the EAS Encryption tool. Once the encryption is completed, explain the resulting value (what is it?).

Message: American Public University is a great University with outstanding instructors.

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