DescriptionHNU 303 – Evidence-Based PracticePractice-Based Evidence
Summative Assignment Brief
Research Proposal and Critique
Use the framework provided in the assignment brief to submit a 2500-word research proposal for a
nursing related question of your choice. This proposal will include critical appraisal (critique) of both
a quantitative and a qualitative research study.
This is a 2500-word (fixed word count) piece of work which accounts for all the module marks and
assesses all Module Learning Outcomes.
The Submission deadline for this assignment is 13:00hrs on the Monday of Week 8
Submission is in CANVAS (Via Turnitin) as a word document.
The first 2 pages must include the following information as specified in the module guide:
Title Page:

Student Name
Student Number
Module Code/Title
Module Lead
Actual word count (this excludes the reference list)
Second page:
Declaration from you that the submitted assessment is your own work.
An example of this is:
I declare that this is my own original work and it has not been submitted for another
assignment or published by anyone else.
Please use the following formatting:

1.5-line spacing
size 12; font: Arial, Calibri or New Times Roman
Left alignment of main text
No indentation of paragraphs or of the reference list
Reference list should be formatted with single line spaces.
Please do not add borders or any other decorative elements to your work.
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HNU 303 – Evidence-Based PracticePractice-Based Evidence
Summative Assignment Brief
A brief introduction to your chosen topic demonstrating understanding of the topic or issue.

Introduce the topic of your study and outline its significance (briefly)
Explain what will be covered as part of this piece of work (i.e. research proposal and
discussion which includes critical analysis of two pieces of research relating to your
selected topic)
Discussion and Rationale

Provide more detailed information of your research topic
Critique one quantitative and one qualitative study relating to your topic using a
framework such as CASP
Use the results of these studies, along with others, to discuss your topic or issue.
Include links to, and analysis of, current literature and key policies.
Why have you selected this topic/question? What led you to it?
Justify the requirement for the research and research question
Ensure that there are sufficient academic sources available to draw on in order to answer your
Research Question
• This is the question which you want to answer in your study.
• Include only one specific research question.
• It must be clear and concise (If the question is too broad, unclear, has too many subparts or contains reference to something so obscure, it will be very difficult or
impossible to answer)
Aim & objectives
• Must be realistic
• Clearly explains what the research hopes to achieve
• Is fulfilled by the individual objectives.
• The research steps you take to achieve the aim.
• Must relate to your overall aim.
• Keep them concise and only include 2 or 3. Certainly no more than 4.
Methodological Frameworks

Why are they used?
Include a brief overview of specific frameworks and why they are appropriate for your
Are you proposing a qualitative or quantitative study?
Which approach/framework is suitable for your study?
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HNU 303 – Evidence-Based PracticePractice-Based Evidence
Summative Assignment Brief
• Are you using PICO or PEO? Why? Support this choice.
• Include details of your Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome for PICO or
Population, Exposure and Outcome for PEO.
• Use of PICO or PEO (support choice as to why).

What are the ethical implications?
What will you do in your study to ensure it is completed in an ethical manner?
Why must ethics be considered?

Provide an overview of what has been discussed in the main body
Draw your ideas/findings together
Not include any new facts/information/discussion
Be short and concise
Reference list
• Does not count in your word count
• A reference should be included for all in-text citations, a reference list should be
included at the end in Harvard referencing style
• Use single line spacing and begin on a new page
• Use Cite them Rite and contact library for support
Useful things to remember:

Refer to the marking criteria and as these are what your work will be marked against.
Refer to the Module Learning Outcomes
Proofread your work for spelling and grammar. You are marked on these as well as on the
structure and content of your essay.
Support your writing with credible literature
Use in-text citations correctly and make sure your reference list is accurate.
Literature must be cited and referenced using the Harvard method. Use Cite them Right for
support: Cite them right online – Home
Remember to paraphrase and use quotation marks when including direct quotes.
Use the complete word allowance.
Use a new paragraph to discuss different points/subjects.
Demonstrate your skills in searching, citing and critically analysing relevant literature
Use your writing to demonstrate your academic writing skills
Include critical analysis of the literature
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