Human Resource Management Unit 2 Assignment: Program Development; Organization And Mission

HSV405: Human Service Admin.

Unit 2 Assignment: Program Development; Organization and Mission

Due Date: Points: 50 Overview: In last week’s assignment, you began to consider your dreams for your new program. This week, you will start to define the program design as you plan your new program. Instructions: Remember to answer each question fully. In-text citations are not required for this assignment as it focuses on your original thoughts! Organizational Structure:

1. What type of organization would you like to house this program in?

2. What type of organizational chart would you think would best fit your program? (i.e. Top-down, Flat, Divisional, Cross-Functional, Matrix, Round).

3. Which organizational theory would fit to best carry out your program?


1. What would the central mission of this program be? Share the final version of your mission statement from your discussion post this week.

2. What is the vision of your program?


1. Identify at least two primary goals for your program. Then, give some examples of specific, measurable objectives that would help meet one of the goals you have identified.


• Submit a Word document in APA format.

• Two pages in length, three pages max excluding the Title and Reference pages.

o Reference page optional.

Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.

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