find an article (must be from a scholarly source – do not use popular sources such as magazine/commercial websites) that relates to another student’s post.  Use the article information to add something new (at least 3 unique points) to the discussion.   Do not use direct quotes.   
The 360 Leader book states that “maturity doesn’t come with age, it begins with the acceptance of responsibility” (Maxwell, p.62). This may be the most relatable phrases any of us have ever read. I feel as if a good example of this would be Carter from Yellowstone. Carter was found by Beth at the hospital, and she somehow ended up being by Carter’s side while they watched his father die. As Carter did not accept responsible, he was acting immature by acting out and getting into trouble. One day, he got in trouble for shoplifting and claimed Beth was his guardian. Beth ended up taking him home to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and giving him a new life and responsibility. They quickly assigned Carter to chores around the ranch. He was at the bottom of the totem pole, however, he quickly accepted the responsibility and got his chores done. As he learned to accept this is what he had to do in order to stay at the ranch and have a life worth living, he accepted responsibility and started to take pride in it. Once he proved to be more mature and responsible, the ranch members started to show him respect. They started teaching him how to rope and took him on cattle rides. He was trusted to take care of the animals and to do chores that are crucial to the daily operations of the ranch. He would be a great leader for a newer hire or for other children his age. Learning these skills and qualities early in life will make Carter an exceptional leader. If Carter would have never been introduced to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, he likely would have never matured and been in and out of jail. 
There was another interesting point in Challenge 5 that caught a significant amount of attention. It was stated that “one player may be crucial to the team, but one player cannot make a team” (Maxwell, p.61). While Carter was able to significantly improve and show will, it was the team or family around him who showed him how. Beth, Rip, John, and some of the other ranch hands taught hard lessons to Carter that showed him responsibility which turned to maturity. While Carter held a lot of responsibility for caring for the horses, the whole ranch worked together to ensure the best quality of life for animals and humans. Being humble enough to know that you are replaceable is a good trait to have. While you may be the best at your job, you cannot do everyone’s job at once and expect a good quality. A great team is one that everyone contributes to, creating a positive leadership guidance and positive interactions between team members.

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