GERO320 STEP 3: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY (120 points, 12% of final grade)

Due: End of Week 3

In Step 2, you generated a list of 10 references related to your topic of interest. For Step 3, you will use your reference list to generate an annotated bibliography. Annotations are brief summaries of sources that highlight the key takeaways. In addition, annotations allow you to evaluate the quality and usefulness of your source for your research paper. Is the resource credible? Are the authors subject matter experts? How does the resource compare to other sources on your topic? 

For your annotated bibliography, start with your reference list. After each reference, insert a brief (usually about 100-200 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph explaining how this source will help to develop your paper. Your annotations must be written in your own words. Annotations that include passages copied directly from another author will not be graded. For more information on creating an annotated bibliography, visit:

For sample annotations, visit:

Your final product will be a list of 10 references in APA-7 format, with each reference followed by an annotation. 

Submit your annotated bibliography to the Assignments folder by the end of Week 3. 

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