First, pick a topic from the course that has had personal meaning for you so far in the semester.
Second,  state your interest in this topic. You will want to explain why you have chosen this topic and how it has meaning for you.
Third, identify a theory supporting htis topic
Fourth, identify four (4) questions you want to answer related to this topic

Fifth, list in APA format 3 peer reviewed citations for articles that you will be using to write your paper. and our textbook.  

Your paper will make use of two types of sources:

The first source is your PSYC 1 textbook.
The second sources should be a minimum of 3 articles from a scholarly / referenced (peer-reviewed) journal (preferably an American Psychological Association journal published within the last 7 years) which addresses one of the psychological concepts or topics relevant to the course. You will want to find articles which are research (data-driven) based and which use the experimental or correlational method. Article reviews or meta-analysis articles should be avoided.  The articles must have the traditional sections associated with a research study (abstract, introduction (literature review), methods, results, discussion, references). That means no reviews of literature or other types of articles. 
Professional Journals
What is a professional journal? 

A professional journal is also known as a peer reviewed or scholarly journal. A professional journal publishes research articles by professionals in a particular field. Research articles are often lengthy and may contain tables and graphs.
What IS NOT a professional journal?
A newspaper article, an entry in a dictionary or encyclopedia, an article from a magazine (Time, Newsweek, Psychology Today, etc.) or an article you got from a website. (To access professional articles on websites, you usually have to have a subscription to the institution that publishes the journal. Some may be accessed for free, but usually it is the older back issues.)

How do you find these professional journals in the library’s databases?

Example titles of appropriate journals include:

American Psychologist

Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Journal of Counseling Psychology
Journal of Family Psychology
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Psychology and Aging
Submissions must be typewritten and double spaced. Submit an electronic copy of your paper to the Canvas page by June 20th
This assignment is worth up to 50 points
Announcement – Hypothesis Paper Anatomy Tips
Hi All!
I wanted to provide you with a visual on some tips when searching for your articles for your research paper. 
The Hypothesis for your paper is coming up! 
You will need to know how to search for articles. The following video will provide you with a step by step approach on how to do so:
How to use CCSF Library for your Research PaperLinks to an external site.
What I’ve enclosed below is the APA citation for an article listed through a resource page of your Moritsugu text at the following link:
Sage Student ResourcesLinks to an external site.
You’ll need to ensure the articles you’ve chosen have these characteristics:
It’s research (data-driven) based, 
Contains an experimental or correlational method, and 
the traditional sections associated with a research study (abstract, introduction (literature review), methods, results, discussion, references).
This is to ensure you’re searching through the appropriate channels for an article. A blog post on the topic you choose, even if it is written by a credentialed individual, is not a peer-reviewed article.
You will also need to ensure your reference page at the end (called References) is in APA format. Here is an example:
Akin, U., Akin, A., & Ugur, E. (2016). Mediating Role of Mindfulness on the Associations of Friendship Quality and Subjective Vitality. Psychological Reports, 119(2), 516-526. doi:10.1177/0033294116661273Links to an external site.

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