The Sociological Issues Paper will allow you to explore one sociological issue in-depth and conduct a scholarly literature review based on the topic you have selected. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to discuss how you perceive the sociological topic being portrayed through the associated course-related film.The sociological concept and course-related film is listed below:Technology in Sports (Moneyball)The summary paper will be written in a scholarly tone and in third-person narrative. APA Format 7th Edition guidelines must be followed. It should be at least 5-6 pages in length, including the Title page and Reference page. It must also include four scholarly journal articles (2013-2023) within a total of six references. All of the following components must be included in the summary paper:Background/History of Sociological TopicIssue/ProblemCorrelation of Sociological Topic as Portrayed in the Course FilmCurrent Literature on Sociological TopicSignificant Resources (NCAA, CIF, NAACP, etc.)Potential Solutions related to the Issue/ProblemFuture Research Recommendations This is a link that you can use to watch the film “Moneyball” : Sociological Issue Presentation will be based on the same topic as the Sociological Issues Paper. You will creatively design a technology presentation using either an audio/video embedded PowerPoint, Canva, Prezi, Vimeo, or YouTube platform. The multimedia presentation should not include excessive content, but rather an innovative way to present the following information:An introduction to the overarching sociological issue chosen and how you perceive it was portrayed through the associated course-related film.Highlight two of the following components, which were presented in your paper: Background/History of Sociological Issue, Identification of the Problem, Current Literature on Sociological Issue, Significant Resources (NCAA, CIF, NAACP, etc.), Potential Solutions and Future Research Recommendations.A conclusion as to the most significant personal “takeaways” from researching the sociological issue and watching the course film.This is an example of a presentation that was created using Prezi:

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