This week’s discussion is based on Chapter 13 and Chapter 18 of our textbook. Please select a qualitative OR a quantitative research paper (only one) in the communication discipline (advertising, public relations, media effects, mass media, mass communication). Make sure it was published in an academic journal.
An academic journal usually has the word “Journal” in its title. For example: Journal of Advertising; International Journal of Consumers Studies, Journal of Communication; Journal of Advertising Research; International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication etc.
Address the following items:
Read any quantitative or qualitative research article. Use the article to answer the questions below. Attach a copy of the article to the completed report.
1. Provide APA citation for the article:
2. Write the problem statement here (what does this paper attempt to address):
3. Describe the way in which the author organized the literature review.
4. Is the author’s description of the research participants adequate? If not, what questions would you ask the author about them?
5. If you wanted to replicate this research, what procedural details would require more description so you can do it?
6. How well does the title reflect the study and its findings? Write an alternative title here.
This is our last discussion question that somewhat summarizes the process of conducting research and tests you analytical skills and understanding of this process.

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