Facility Evaluation

Select a facility of your choice and attend an event hosted by that facility. During your visit, complete a checklist that will help you evaluate the facility’s safety. Once you have assessed the safety of the facility, you are to construct an executive summary of your findings and submit it for grading. The purpose of this exercise is to challenge you to view things from a facility management perspective in order to focus on preventive rather than reactive management. Before your visit, do your homework. Consider the following regarding the facility you have chosen to visit:

  • Age of the facility
  • Location: rural, urban, inner-city
  • Renovated or new facility
  • How the facility is or was financed
  • The facility’s competition

Make a copy of the inspection checklist in the textbook to use while you visit a facility. Upon completing your visit and taking notes and pictures, you should write up a brief executive summary of your findings, offering suggestions for improving any items you deem unsafe. Include pictures to illustrate your evaluation points.

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