Discuss what Empathy is and the different components of empathy (theoretical base) 

How one can empathise when adopting Design Thinking? 
Application of empathy – We understand that you can’t interview people but put yourself in 
the shoes of the user and discuss how they would think and feel according to the scenario. If you can find some anecdotal evidence via socials, articles, etc… that would be looked upon favourably 

Can do a persona or journey map pre-COVID-19 to help link to the define stage (don’t have to though, just a possible suggestion) 


Discuss what Define is and components of this stage (theoretical base) 

Problem statement – should link from step 1 
Persona and journey map with your scenario in mind (a during COVID-19) to lead into the 
ideate stage 

Discuss what Ideate is and components of this stage (theoretical base) 

List all your ideas that you’ve brainstormed making sure they link back to the information 
provided in steps 1 and 2 

Pick an idea (or up to 3 if feasible) and discuss in more detail 


Discuss what Prototype is and components of this stage (theoretical base) 

Demonstrate how you would implement your idea. Can take the following forms: 
o Graphic/visual/hand-sketch o Storyboard

o Table
o Discussion 
o Step-by-stepbulletpoints 
Discuss what Prototype is and components of this stage (theoretical base) 

Discuss how you will measure the effectiveness of your prototype. Things you can include: 
o What you will test

o Why you will test it
o How you will test (method and testing agenda) 
Word Count : 1400
1.5 – double-spacing
Scenario 1: 
COVID-19 has again stopped most professional sports globally. This means that fans are unable to watch their favourite team on television or attend matches. This presents a big problem to professional sport teams as they rely on this to generate much needed revenue and to develop long-lasting relationships with fans. Given this major issue, you have been hired as consultant by Manchester United to provide solutions to help them deal with this. Using design thinking theory and application, demonstrate how Manchester United can appropriately deal with this issue and ensure that the relationship between themselves and fans is not overly impacted by COVID-19? 
Link for scenario…
Step 1: Select scenario to address
Step 2: Discuss and apply design thinking principles to the problem(s) 
We would like to see a clear depiction/consideration of the design challenge through customer empathy, detailed identification of a typical consumer who experiences this design challenge, and the touchpoints involved in this relationship. After these things have been highlighted THEN we move to ideation where solutions are brainstormed and detailed.

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