The final step in a marketing plan is the action of selling. This assignment connects the theory of
marketing, advertising and selling to an actual experience of development and implementation of
selling a healthcare service. There are three basic approaches that are utilized in the action of
selling a healthcare service with the goal of obtaining a positive consumer response.

Develop a short sales presentation about a chemical dependency program that
you would make to an employee assistance professional of a large company using 3 different
marketing sales approaches. Use YouTube or screencast to record your presentation and upload
it to the assignment link. You may use graphics and images, but they must enhance the
presentation and not detract from it. You will use an updated version of the reference list
originally submitted in Sales Presentation: Topic and Reference Page Assignment and must
use at least 2 of those references in your presentation. Create a separate reference page slide1
Sales Presentation
Matilda Aidoo
Liberty University
Dr. Jean Gordon
07 June 2023
Sales Presentation
Xanax Abuse among Teens
Chemical dependence is a significant challenge in the age of a highly developed
pharmacotherapy industry. However, teenagers are at the highest risk because of the challenges
they face while growing up and exploring new activities. Because of peer pressure and
challenges coping with life stressors, most teenagers may develop healthcare conditions related
to social challenges, which increase their risk of developing dependence because of exposure to
treatment that involves drugs with a higher chance of dependence (Johnston et al., 2018). For
example, Xanax is a prescription drug given to individuals to treat panic disorders and anxiety,
which may fall into the hands of many teenagers because of frequent anxiety when handling
different challenges (Johnston et al., 2018). Since Xanax belongs to the drug category
(benzodiazepines) and works as a depressant, many teenagers might find the effects of the drug
calming and relaxing (Votaw et al., 2019). For this reason, many teenagers may pretend to have
worse anxiety symptoms to continue acquiring the drug or devise new ways of acquiring the
drug illegally (Austin et al., 2022). The effects this drug cause on people, including teenagers,
has made its abuse and dependence significant (Berkowitz, 2017). Because Xanax is a
prescription drug that treats anxiety, which many teenagers experience as they grow, becoming
dependent on it can be easy for a teenager, making it a significant issue to discuss.
The chemical dependence on Xanax is a critical concern among teenagers because of its
easy access and social media trends that encourage chemical dependence on such prescription
drugs. Since many people know that non-prescription drugs are illegal and attract more serious
legal implications than prescription drugs because of the many variables involved in determining
whether a drug is abused, Xanax is an easy pass for most teenagers (Chadi et al., 2018).
Additionally, many American adults use benzodiazepines to ease anxiety and other healthcare
condition, giving teenagers easy access to such medication (Votaw et al., 2019). If teenagers
realize that their parents have Xanax medication in their bathroom, they can walk in when they
are not around and take the drug. Social media is maximizing the effect peer pressure has,
encouraging teenagers to perform dangerous experiments with drugs like Xanax that are
considered “not very dangerous” (Sarker et al., 2020). The more teenagers become depressed
from events happening on social media, like body shaming and many others, they can become
stressed and resort to using such medication, becoming dependent on them.
As Christians, spreading the message against drug abuse or chemical dependence is
essential to fulfilling the work Christ commissioned of spreading the gospel and bringing many
to Christ. The Bible mentions that those who intoxicate their body through practices like
drinking alcohol or chemical dependence will have a challenge keeping God’s law because they
will not be able to distinguish between right and wrong. “Lest they drink, and forget the law, and
pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted” (King James Bible, 2023, Proverbs 31:5).
Discussing how dependence forms and why specific drugs, like Xanax, are more luring can help
save teenagers from the hook of chemical dependence.
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