EEX 3070

Including Samuel Video Review

(20 points)

Below are some thought provoking questions that will allow you to reflect on this important video. Please respond to them thoughtfully. For each question, your response should be at least 4-6 sentences. In many cases there is not a right or wrong answer. However, there are ways to respond in a thoughtful and thorough manner. Put your response directly after the question.

1. Did this film change the way you think about people with disabilities? If so, how? (3 pts.)

2. Which person’s story made the greatest impact on you? Why? (3 pts.)

3. In the film, Keith Jones said, “You can’t box people up in a room, 20 by 20, eight hours a day, then ship them off into the world and expect them to have social interaction skills.” What was meant by this? (3 pts.)

4. Why do adults often separate children with disabilities? What do you think young people learn—or don’t learn—by being separated? (3 pts.)

5. Do you see specific qualities within Barbara O’Brien’s classroom (Samuel’s class) or at Haggerty School (Nathaniel’s school) that allow inclusion to succeed? If so, what were they and in general what do you see as qualities or philosophies that can help inclusion succeed? (5 pts.)

6. Now that you’ve seen this film, do you think you’ll do anything differently in your home, work, or community life as a result? What and why? (3 pts.)

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