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This assignment may look overwhelming, but it’s fun and intends to make you somewhat experience what children go through while learning to write, draw, and cut.

It’s worth 40 points as you will attach images to your submission. 600 words is the minimum requirement. 

For this assignment, we will focus on the following Student Learning Outcome from our course syllabus:

Describe major developmental milestones of children from conception through adolescence in the areas of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development using standard research methodologies. 

Students will write a 600-word assignment.  AND

· Attach some images taken while you practice some drawing skills using a specific way of grasping a pencil.

You will pretend that you are a three-year-old who is learning to make basic drawings and also learning to write. At this age, children have not yet mastered their fine motor skills and they do not grasp the pencil the way you do. The image below (within a red circle), shows how children progress when grasping a pencil. 

For the purpose of this exercise, the image with the red circle ()modified tripod grasp)  is the type of grasping you will use on your non-dominant hand to complete the following activities.

Please complete all the required steps. 


Students will write a substantial introduction to this activity to explain -in their own words-  what fine motor skills are and how fine motor skills are developed through the early childhood stage. As an option, you may also broaden your statement to include physical development milestones in general. 


Using the pencil grasping shown in the image in the red circle ( modified tripod grasp ), you will write your full name TEN times using your less dominant hand (if you are left-handed, you will use your right hand to write your name; if you are right-handed, you will write your name with your left hand). Now, unless you are ambidextrous, you may be able to slightly experience what a child feels like when learning to write and use their fine motor skills. You will copy and paste your images as part of yourassignment. 

This is an example of a child using a modified tripod grasp (for your reference)

1. Take Picture #1:  Ask someone to take a picture while you are ALMOST completing the process of writing your full name 10 times using your non-dominant hand. Make sure to include this image in your essay. 

2. Take picture #2: An image of your full name written ten times (non-stopping while writing until you have completed it writing all of it -10 times. This will make your experience a bit closer to that one of a child). Make sure to include this image in your essay. 

3. Reflect on this experience. Was this an easy thing for you to do? Was this a hard task to complete?  Why do you feel that way? Based on what you have learned in Early Childhood Physical Development,

4. Write a substantial paragraph to explain your own ideas of what you think a child’s experience would be like when learning to draw/write.


Here is an image of a child cutting with scissors. This child is in the early childhood stage. For the next activity, you will grab scissors the same way (as shown in the image above).

Here is an image of a wavy line like the one you will use to complete this activity

1. Draw a thick-wavy line like the one shown above.

2. Grab some scissors and try to cut (with your non-dominant hand) a wavy line drawn with a thick marker. Grab the scissors the same way as the child shown in the image above,

3. Take a picture with a camera or smartphone of your ability to cut that line AFTER completing the activity. Make sure to include this image in your essay. 

4. Students will write a substantial paragraph to explain their understanding of what a child’s experience is like when practicing their fine motor skills through the use of scissors to learn to cut paper following patterns. How do children acquire this skill and how it develops over time?


1. Using the pencil grasp shown on the first (or second) image of this page ( modified tripod grasp ), draw the image shown below on a white piece of paper with your dominant hand. Document the time it took for you to complete it. 

2. Draw the same image with your less dominant hand  (and using the   modified tripod grasp) . Check on your timing to complete the activity. Document the time it took to complete it in each of your drawings. 

3. Make sure to include both images on your essay and label each one as completed with your less  and  more dominant hands. Include the timing that took for you to complete it each of these drawings.  Make sure the images are properly formatted, and also make sure that the image is clear (non blurry, not taken too far away so I can clearly appreciate it, also not taken at a difficult to observe angle) 

4. Students will write a substantial paragraph to explain their understanding of what a child’s experience is like when practicing their fine motor skills to learn to draw. How does this skill develops overtime?.


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