DescriptionMY JOURNEY!
EDN 500 – Human Development & Learning
• Due date – 11:55PM on June 20, 2023
• Minimum length – 7 FULL pages
• Maximum length – 10 pages
• Worth 50 points
I. Introduce your life journey from your infancy, early childhood, middle
childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood, and late
II. Imagine what your early, middle, and late adulthood will be like (if you have
not gone through these periods yet) and how and when you would wrap
up your life journey (let’s imagine you don’t die young).
• Early Childhood: I was a very healthy baby, but my mom said that I was very
picky for food. I liked playing with my Barbie doll. My favorite person was ….
• Middle Adulthood: I’ve never been married, but I have always been in
relationships with several partners. I was a little bit overweight, which
bothered me so much at that time.……
As you see above, what you are supposed to say is what your life was/is/would
be through a whole lifespan. When you write the story, you also are expected
to apply concepts/contents discussed in class to this paper. By doing this, you
illustrate your knowledge and understanding of human development. Show off
your knowledge that you have gained from this course since you have spent
lots of time for leaning/studying individual’s lifespan development.
For example:
• Prenatal: My mother was pregnant with me full term nine months. She
did not have to have an amniocentesis at four months into her
pregnancy because she was young enough that there was not a great
risk for miscarriage…
• Adolescence: I had a kind of hard time in adolescence, especially when I
went to a high school, because I didn’t have a good sense of body image
of myself. So, I had always been worried about how people look at me.
In other words, I suffered from ‘imaginary audience’ at that time …
• Middle Adulthood: I strive to become more of a caring and selfless
person by this stage of my life and began working on generativity rather
than stagnation by leaving my legacy to the next generation. I want to
be able to have enough money saved to go on an annual vacation, pay
for my kids to go to college and eventually retire. I know that women
have many interpersonal stressors during middle adulthood, but I know
I will seek help or coping skills if my stress turns to distress which is the
result of too much stress…
The more concepts you apply to your story, the better grade you can expect.
When you write any concepts/terms used from the textbook, please make
them as bold just like you see above. Again, show off your knowledge in this
paper and enjoy imagining our life journey!

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