BELOW IS MY PEERS DISCUSSION AND THE QUESTIONS THEY HAD TO ANSWER What do you think about the questions asked on the ipad-too harsh? Just right?No, I do not think the questions asked on the ipad are too harsh. I believe they are just right, as it is important to get concrete answers about that patient’s mental health. And these specific questions don’t confuse the patients and they can give their true and honest answer. As, overly generalized questions might make a child patient question what they should answer for that specific question.How did some of the kids describe how the pandemic impacted their overall well being?Some of the kids said being socially cut-off and learning online was detrimentally fatal to their mental health. One of the girls in the first video reported her eating disorder getting worse in the pandemic being cooped in. One of the younger boys reported envisioning different scenarios of suicidal thoughts. Such as, taking a knife from the kitchen or jumping off a building.In the video, some resources/means of assistance for children and their family where described. Please describe these resources, how they can help the child, and how they can help the parent.Some resources explained in the video include in-patient mental health counselors in pediatric offices, outpatient facilities, and in-patient areas in hospitals. However, outpatient facilities and in-patient areas in hospitals have outrageous wait times and going to a mental health help area as soon as possible is essential. However, with the outrageous wait times its not possible for children to go to outpatient or inpatient center sin hospitals. That’s why therapists in pediatric clinics is a stream-lined way to make sure children get the help they need before it is too late. A mental health walk-in clinic at the Children’s Wisconsin Hospital has helped a good number of people because it is so efficient and quickly accessible to the outside population. Children’s Wisconsin Hospital plans to build 2 more mental health walk-in clinics which I think it a great idea. Mental health walk-in clinics and therapists at pediatric offices seems to be the best way to battle the mental health crisis.Have you noticed any ripple effects from the pandemic?Yes, I have noticed ripple effects from the pandemic. On a smaller scale I’ve seen my friends who were raging extroverts appreciate some alone time and become a little bit more introverted, as they had to learn to enjoy alone time. However, as the video states, kids who were already struggling with mental health issues suffered a lot during the pandemic as their issues just ended up getting amplified being cooped up in isolation. Feeling like they couldn’t reach out to anybody or not having much to do to distract them probably sent them spiraling into their darker thoughts. Another ripple effect I noticed is physical decisions that were made that caused ripple effects after the pandemic. For example, my friend had recently decided to break up with her boyfriend in December 2019 because the two of them together was not a good match, however when we were all sent back home they both started talking again in march 2020 and got back together by June 2020. I believe if the pandemic had not existed they would not have gotten back together, as they both would’ve bene able to be in college and live their own lives, however the pandemic brang up boredom and going back to something they knew brought comfort to them both. However, after the pandemic ended the relationship was still not working out and bad for them both, negatively affecting both of their mental health.What was your initial reaction on brain stimulation treatment?Honestly my initial reaction to therapeutic magnetic stimulation was confusion. I just didn’t understand the mechanism of it fully. However, I think using it in conjunction with therapy is very smart. Relying on TMS fully is definitely not smart, but using it to ease depressive episodes or help a patient even kickstart mental health recovery is a great idea. Having TMS might even have patients be more open to trying therapy or working hard at recovering.Do you have any additional thoughts on this topic? Ways to help?I think just thinking about how much the pandemic must have amplified the mental health crisis is interesting. As, I did not realize the mental health crisis was already bad. I wonder if the mental health crisis wouldn’t have grown as much if it weren’t for the pandemic. It brings up a lot of what ifs. For ways to help, honestly just going to talk to someone whether they are a therapist or not goes a long way in making you feel not alone. Or even knowing other people are going through the same struggles you are going through can also probably help a person feel less lonely.

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