8-4 Draft Of Training Manual Section Six: Auditing And Log Collection


The final installment of your training manual will focus on auditing and log collection. An audit should use a variety of tools and utilities, not just a single packet scanner. Tools can include utilities and power tools, both open source and commercial. Continue the development of your training manual with an overview of the assigned topic and a summary of functions and capabilities. Demonstrate your implementation with corresponding screenshots from your labs (when applicable).


You are now ready to perform your network audit. The kind of information you can expect to find at this stage will depend on how you conduct the audit and interpret the results. Continue using the Training Manual Template document to develop the section on auditing and log collection.

For each section of the training manual, develop guidelines for employees to select and employ specific software, tools, and methods to address the elements of the section topic. Your guidelines serve as recommendations of specific tools and criteria for determining when to use these tools.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  • Summarize the key company-approved tools, represented by those used in the lab exercises.
  • Identify the importance and rationale for selecting each tool (with applicable supporting examples from labs).

What to Submit

Fill in Section Six of the Training Manual Template document. This section contains two main parts with additional subtopics related to detecting intrusions. This section should address best practices and tools and methodologies for scanning your network and assessing its security. For this assignment, you must follow these formatting guidelines: 12-point Times New Roman font and APA references and citations.

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