Discussion: Supermarket Semantics

For this discussion, you will read “Supermarket Semantics” Download “Supermarket Semantics”and watch the “Three Appeals” video I posted in the Week Eight module. 

Using ideas from Supermarket Semantics, discuss the relationship between logic, emotion, and ethics found on the websites for “Nature Valley”Links to an external site. and”Beyond Burger.”Links to an external site.

In particular, I want you to consider the emotional versus logical value of terms like “real fruit,” “meaty,” “plant based,” “no gluten,” “natural flavors,” and so on.

Is connotative language like this used to manipulate? Where is the line between a persuasive use of language and information and a dishonest one? (You may bring in connections with earlier discussions as well.) Finally, if an argument is successful, does it matter if it is honest or ethical? Why or why not?

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