1.Post a brief description of the situation you experienced and explain how incorporating or not incorporating patient preferences, social determinants of healthLinks to an external site., and values impacted the outcome of their treatment plan. Be specific and provide examples. Then, explain how including patient preferences, social determinants of health, and values might impact the trajectory of the situation and how these were reflected in the treatment plan. Finally, explain the value of the patient decision aid you selected and how it might contribute to effective decision making, both in general and in the experience you described. Describe how you might use this decision aid inventory in your professional practice or personal life. 

Use 3 sources 

2. Post an explanation of how you anticipate enacting personal and professional commitment for advocacy to positively impact your patients, communities, and the profession. Be specific. Then, explain how your role as a DNP-prepared nurse contributes to advocacy for positive social change. 


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