Country Report 3

The starting point for this assignment is your second country report. Keep the product or service chosen and everything else you have done up to this point. The goal of this assignment is to extend and correct your country report in light of your new knowledge.

* Expand your country report with one relevant table or figure extracted from Passport. In addition, these are other resources valuable for your research: World Bank Open Data, CIA World Factbook, Pew Research Center, OECD.stat,  globalEDGE. Remember to cite all sources at the end. Alternatively (instead of the table/figure), interview a national of the country studied and list 10 short quotes or findings that are marketing-relevant from your interview.

* Next, use one of the methods learned on the recent module to estimate market demand for your chosen product in the country. Be transparent describing the sources and steps taken to arrive at your estimate, and conclude with a clear number (a range of numbers is acceptable). Like in a real job, you will be judged on how reasonable and well justified your estimate is.

* Then, create at least two country-as-segments; one will contain the country in this report, the other your home country. Which other countries could you add to each segment in a way that makes sense based on shared language, cultural affinity, geographical proximity, etc? For instance, the result may look like this… Segment 1: Somalia (your chosen country); Ethiopia, Kenya based on geographical proximity. Segment 2: United States (your own country), Canada, United Kingdom based on common language and cultural affinity.

  • Represent your two (or more) segments with different colors in a world map like this:
  • Finally, who is your typical consumer? Based on the information collected, you may have an idea of the type of consumer you are targeting, their values, beliefs. Make a very brief customer persona with demographic information (age, gender…), psychographic information (values, beliefs…) and  behavioral information (product usage, other products consumed, rituals, habits…). Is this customer segment unique to the foreign country or is it also relevant in the home market? Is it a global, regional or unique segment?

This time you are expected to submit a medium (approx. 5 pages) report of facts, much of which will be repeated from the past report. One or two visuals are acceptable if relevant. More visuals or any extra information is welcome at the end of the report, after references, in an addendum.

The challenge of this assignment is in summarizing an entire human community and reducing it to a considerably short list of sentences, numbers and visuals. You will be graded on how well you summarize a culture through a sound and validated set of dimensions such as the ones learned in this course.


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