DescriptionTEC 5333 Management of Computer Technology
Reading Assignment 1 – Due @ 11:59p on Sunday
Step Instructions
This week we have discussed the topics of Disruptive IT, Information Systems, IT
Architecture, Cloud Computing across Chapters 1 and 2 of your textbook. To complete
this assignment, select one of the following options below:
(1) Select one of the case studies from Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 of our textbook. This can
include the “Opening Case” at the start of each chapter, one of the “I.T. at Work” cases
in either chapter, Case 1.2 (“Business Case: The IoT Comes to the Sports”), or Case 2.2
(“Business Case: AGORA Upgrades IT to Quench the Thirst of Millions Throughout
Spain”) and discuss the case and its relationship to technology or compare and contrast
ideas raised in the reading. You should also address the questions asked at the end of
each case study to help guide your writing. A simple summary of the case is
unacceptable for course credit.
(2) You may select one of the following articles below and reflect on the technology
mentioned in the article or video in reference to what we have discussed in class and
answer the questions I have provided beneath the article or video you have chosen. A
simple summary of the article or video is unacceptable for course credit.
a. The Feds Are Investigating How Big Data Hurts Marginalized Groups:
Can Big Data enable institutional racism? Discuss the potential of Big Data and analytics
to exacerbate problems of systemic racism. Describe potential outcomes of using data
that is exclusionary to particular groups. How might Big Data minimize these problems
going into the future?
b. Nvidia’s GeForce Now Ultimate Turned My Boring Work Laptop into a Gaming Rig:
Discuss the novel use of infrastructure as a service being used here to provide high-end
graphics as a service for end users. Do you think this concept will see increasing use in
the future? Why or why not?
c. Humans Need Not Apply:
We are currently experiencing the nature of a recently new disruptive IT in Artificial
Intelligence. This video, about 15 minutes in length, discusses in-depth the state of AI
and its potential implications for the future of human work. After viewing the video, do
you think that the video’s author is correct in his assertion that the usefulness of human

intellectual labor is coming to an end? If it comes to be true that AI replaces most
people at their jobs, what do you think should be done to help people that will now be
out of work? If you think that the concerns about the impact of AI on work are
overblown, please explain why you feel that way and what you see for the future.
Please be sure to list which case or article you are writing about
in your paper title!
Step Instructions
Read (or watch) the case study, article, or video you selected from Step (1), then choose
one of the following options below:
(1) Write a paper at least one-page (500 words) in length (though you may write more),
reflecting on your opinions about the case study, article, or video and answering the
questions beneath the case study, article, or video you chose in Step (1).
Your paper should be your own original writing. No copying and pasting from the article
or outside sources will be permitted. If you use an idea that is not your own original
thought (such as information you received from an internet search), you must either
summarize it or put it inside of quotation marks and use an APA citation afterwards to
indicate where the idea came from. At the end of your paper, on a “References”
page, create an APA reference to the source. If you have any questions about how
this should look, consult your professor or the Purdue Online Writing Lab.
After you have finished and carefully proofread your writing, eliminated any copied and
pasted material, properly cited any outside sources with in-text citations and a
References sheet at the end of your paper in the APA stylization format, please include
a word count at the top of your paper by your name:
(2) Record a reflection video, of around five (5) minutes in length, in which you respond
with your reaction to the case study, article or video you have chosen from the list and
answer the questions provided in the case study (or if an article or video from below,
answer the question prompts I have provided). Instructions on how to create and
submit a video response can be found in the D2L Student Orientation Veteran Badge
Videos for “Recording Presentations with Kaltura Capture” and “Content Boxes and
Video Insertion Options.” You may also use different recording software if you prefer,

so long as what you create can be submitted to the D2L Dropbox for the Reading
Please be sure to list which case or article you are writing about
in your paper title/introduction or at the start of your video!
Step Instructions
Upload your submission to the Reading Assignment 1 Dropbox in D2L no later than
11:59p on Sunday.
Remember, simple summaries are unacceptable for course
credit and will be scored as zero with no opportunity for a
second chance. What is of interest are your opinions and
answers to the prompt questions!

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