Nursing Cultural Assignment

In this writing assignment, you will conduct an interview of a person from a culture different than your own, giving careful consideration to the concept of cultural humility.

Step 1 Choose a person to interview from a culture different than your own. 

Step 2  Use your book or additional resources to research the cultural group’s health practices.  Think of questions you want to ask. Select a model of culturally-competent nursing care to guide the development of your questions.

Step 3 Conduct the interview (approximately 15-20 minutes).  Be sure to gather information to address the areas in step 4.

Step 4  In a two-three page paper, addressed the following:

1. Describe how you used the chosen model of culturally competent nursing care to develop interview questions

2. Summarize the interview questions used and the answers received, and address the following:

1. With what culture does the person identify?

2. How does this person define/perceive health and illness and how is this affected by his or her culture?

3. Describe the person’s health maintenance, protection, and restoration traditions and how these have been influenced by culture.

4. How has language and/or culture impacted:

5. Access to health care

6. Communication with health care professionals.

3.Analyze the concept of cultural humility, based on the information that you gathered in the Interview. Cite any references in APA Format, including link to website used




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