Assignment 3

Communication Candidates demonstrate the importance of and how to communicate through oral, written, and digital means with the larger organizational, community, and political contexts when advocating for the needs of their school and community. :

This is what use to communicate with parents Facebook update, school status, flyers, and newsletters.

Practicum Skill Performance Activity Form 3


1. Description of activity (Situation or Task, include start date):

2. Actions taken by you to accomplish the task:

3. Result(s) of your actions:

4. What did you learn about yourself through this activity?

5. What questions were left unanswered or still need to be addressed?

6. How would you use this experience in an administrative role?

7. Current Competency Level:

8. Include or attach Products & Date Performed:


Local School-Based Clinical Faculty’s Signature Intern’s Signature

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