1. Calculations

a. Write the balanced equation for the single-replacement reaction of aluminum with copper (II) sulfate.

b. What is the mole ratio of Cu to Al? What is the mole ratio of Cu to CuSO4?

c. How many moles of CuSO4 are present in the volume of 1 M CuSO4 you used (~100 mL)? Show your calculations below.

d. How many moles of Al are present in the mass of aluminum foil you used (1.4g-1.6)? Show your calculations below.

e. Noting the moles of reactants calculated above, as well as the mole ratios of Cu to each reactant, determine the following. Show all work.

i. Theoretical moles Cu from CuSO4

ii. Theoretical moles Cu from Al

iii. Which is the limiting reactant, CuSO4 or Al? Which is the excess reactant? Justify.

f. Noting which reactant is limiting, and how many moles of this reactant were used, determine the theoretical yield of Cu in moles. Show all calculations.

g. Convert the theoretical yield of Cu to units of mass (g). Show all calculations.

h. Finally, using the theoretical and actual yields of Cu in (g), determine the percent yield. Show all calculations.

List a possible reason why your percent yield of Cu was not 100%.

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